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    Damin debut FIC2021, open the healthy consumption outbreak era new opportunities
    date : 2021-06-11 source : Damin Food Zhangzhou Co., Ltd.

    In 2020,

    An outbreak disrupts everyone's lives,

    And interrupts FIC's annual "get-together."


    In 2021,

    In the complex and grim international anti-epidemic environment,

    The 24th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC 2021),

    Finally, the appointment was kept.


    2021 FIC was held in National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from June 8 to 10, 2021.

    In this exhibition, Damin International presented three themes: "Herbal Extraction", "Coffee Life" and "Healthy and Nutritious Food", providing a new plan for the healthy life of the whole people in the post-epidemic era.

    -- Exquisites in the exhibition area --

    Damin, "create dreams in nature", just for a natural and pure extraction!


    [Herbaceous Extraction -- Basic Series Display]

    Instant tea and concentrate series

    Tea powder for pure tea beverages uses processing technologies such as: aroma recovery, speedy extraction, low temperature fast concentration and low temperature freezing, drying etc. Damin tea powder retains the color, aroma, taste of the original tea leaf, with characteristics of genuine tea aroma, harmonious taste, brilliant colors. It includes various kinds of teas such as: green tea, red tea, oolong tea, flower tea etc, the products have stable quality and are easy to control, and can be widely used in the production of all kinds of pure tea beverages.


    Herbal extracts and concentrate series

    Damin inherits and develops traditional Chinese medicine theories, taking herbs with the same origin as medicated diet and raw materials for herbal tea as primary elements, using advanced craft such as water extraction in multi-functional pot set, enzymolysis treatment and vacuum cold drying etc, has developed a series of high quality herbal concentrate and instant powder, and solved the difficult problems such as: big fluctuation in herb material quality, poor sanitation, long extraction time and high energy cost etc.

    This series of products have characteristics of intact flavor, complete retention of nutrients and functional elements. The instant powder products have good solubility, the concentrate is clear and transparent, which are widely used in the development and production of all types of liquid drinks, solid drinks, health care products, functional foods and drinks, convenient foods, baked food, candy, buccal tablets and leisure foods etc.


    Natural Fruit and Vegetable Powder

    Our natural fruit and vegetable powder series are carefully chosen fromoriginally produced, non-polluted, fresh fruits & vegetable as raw materials, then process after washing, pre-treatment, squeeze, starching, sterilization, aerosol drying or vacuum freeze drying etc, which completely solved problems in processing by traditional craft such as: the fruit and vegetable powder tastes coarse, the nutrients loss in the processing procedure is too high, the final products and raw material are very different in respect of color, aroma, taste; lots of off-scum; high concentration of microbes etc. Besides, after microscopic grinding, physical performance of certain products such as: dispensability, solubility, absorbability, affinity of the fruit and vegetable powder have been improved substantially, with better taste, and are easier to be digested, so that people can fully use the dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables.


    Natural glycoside Extract

    Natural glycoside series: Damin carries our professional R&D, production of natural glycoside products of luo han guo mogroside, Stevie at different degree of sweetness. The products have many advantages such as: high sweetness, low calorific value, high safety, pure sweet taste, full mouth taste, good synergy effect, good stability (acid, alkaline resistant, browning resistance, good heat stability) etc, while also has many functions such as: anti oxidation, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure etc, which can be widely used in products such as: food, drinks, drugs, health care products, candy, cold food, canned food, preserved fruit, seasoning, alcohol, gum, tooth paste, tobacco etc.

    Fresh Tea Extract Series


    Tea series have become an indispensable part of every exhibition to Damin. This exhibition focuses on the  extraction of fresh tea series, specially selected global high-quality tea garden natural high-quality raw materials, through 12 production extraction process, the use of freeze-drying technology, according to different kinds of tea extraction temperature, time, technological process, scientific development, revitalizing the original taste of fresh tea. The DIY tea activity at the exhibition site attracted many visitors to participate in, among which the cold-brewed Lapsang souchong and Jasmine silver milli were praised by the audience.

    Damin's ginseng (artificial planting) extract and low-heat sweetener, mohan glucoside, independently developed by Damin, won the Geneva International Invention Prize. it providing a new drink scheme for the health and sugar reduction life in the post-epidemic era.

    Ginseng (Artificial Planting) Extract and Its Application:

    The selected Changbai Mountain Ginseng in Jilin, China, is extracted with the patented technology of Damin to obtain the ginseng extract rich in a variety of ginseng monomer saponins, which has a natural aroma, pure flavor, good return sweetness and mellow taste. Based on the extract of Damin ginseng, the raw material application department of Damin Food Research Institute has developed ginseng yellow essence herbal solid drink, to wake up the energy of those who stay up late and to boost the vitality of the audience.

    Low heat type sweetener - Luo Han Guo glucoside and its application:

    In 2020, there will be a nationwide sugar reduction craze. However, as early as 2010, Damin began to study the alternative sugar program, and began to independently cultivate the fruit of luo han guo, and adopted biotechnology to select the plant seeds with high content of glucoside (glucoside content ≥1.8% in dried fruit after maturity). Through environmentally friendly planting, pesticide residues, heavy metals fully meet the requirements of China, the United States, Japan and other countries. The separation technology independently developed by Damin is used to extract the glycosides of Luo han guo. The products are suitable for all kinds of health food fields and are highly sought after by on-site customers.

    -- Coffee life experience area --

    In the era of national coffee, Damin redefines coffee freedom!

    This area not only displays cold brew coffee which are popular all over the world, but also show the combination of tea and coffee, the combination of flowers and coffee, and the combination of functional factors and coffee, which brings more new opportunities for boutique coffee. And the original flash coffee technology of Damin has achieved the perfect integration of coffee flavor and mellow taste.

    At the same time, Damin has broken through the technical bottleneck by developing carouse-bags for normal temperature espresso coffee, providing coffee lovers with more choices. Liquid normal temperature espresso coffee is no longer unique to Japan or limited to cold chain transportation, allowing consumers to enjoy it all the time and redefining coffee freedom.

    -- Healthy and nutritious food interactive area --

    Damin is creating a new business model in the post-epidemic era and stepping into a new healthy food time.

    【Vitality Nutrition】

    【 Female care 】

    【 Light maintenance life 】


    --2021FIC Scene Photo --

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